Latitude 64º Ballista Haix Tali Open Official Disc

Latitude 64º Ballista in Player Package

We salute Latitude 64 for sponsoring beautiful DecoDyed Ballista discs for all Haix Tali Open 2015 players. Check the new standard of long distance drivers BALLISTA.

Speed 14 | Glide 4 | Turn -0,5 | Fade 4latitude64_ballista_taliopen_569px

Latitude 64° manufactures discs in our own factory in the north of Sweden. Our discs are designed by PDGA Hall of Fame member Tomas Ekström in co-operation with local European Champions.


HAIX Tali Open

We are now HAIX Tali Open 2015

We are happy to welcome Haix as the name sponsor of Tali Open 2015!


Haix is the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire services, law enforcement, rescue and military task forces. Haix has also increased its presence in the forestry and leisure/outdoor sector.


Haix will be also present during the Tali Open competition. Players and spectators have a great opportunity to test Haix supreme shoes for outdoor and disc golf in the tournament center.

Tali Open 2015 Team

10th Tali Open 22.-24.5.2015

Tali Open registration stage 1 opens 23.2.2015.

Tali Open 2015 is a EuroTour A-tier tournament.

Open | MPO: Open for all players, 80 €

Women | FPO: Open for all female players, 80 €

Master | MPM: All players born 1975 or earlier, 80 €

Grandmaster | MPG: All players born 1965 or earlier, 80€

Tali Open TD reserves 25 wildcards for the tournament. Wildcards are aimed to provide spots for active DGC Talin Tallaajat pro players, and to provide spots for other top pro players who fail to register earlier.

All players must be current PDGA members before the day of the tournament in order to participate. The PDGA membership cannot be paid at the tournament site.

Happy New Year 2015!

TD  Markus Stigzelius